Golden rule : do not admit your defeat

Joe Biden’s victory in the U.S. presidential election went very badly in the eyes of Donald Trump. Since the announcement of his defeat, the Republican candidate multiplies the appeals to try to reverse the race to the White House.

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Donald Trump does not accept his defeat. Despite the fact that Joe Biden has exceeded the number of 270 electors, which allows him to win the White House, Donald Trump refuses to accept his defeat. Since the end of the vote count, he has been making a series of legal demands to have the votes of certain states cancelled or recounted, like in Michigan. On Tuesday, November 17, he recorded a major setback in this same Michigan, with the certification of Detroit’s results, confirming his defeat in this state.

He cried fraud in Arizona. After an investigation, the election commission confirmed that there was « no evidence of fraud or irregularity ». In Wisconsin, he demanded an appeal to be able to recount the votes. An appeal that would cost the incumbent president’s campaign $7.9 million.

Despite all these requests and complaints about a « rigged » presidential election, Donald Trump’s situation has not changed at all. He is still a loser, with chances of victory shrinking by the minute. The vast majority of these requests are rejected by the administrators.

But unless there’s a blip by the end of the recount on Wednesday night, the outgoing president is not expected to make up the lost ground, with results to be certified by Friday.

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